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Clearance Packs

Our mount cutting facility has, like all good machinery, a bonus feature.

GOOD! - we can cut further, smaller mounts from within those that are ordered.

BAD! - the smaller sizes do not sell as well as the larger sizes, leading to a build-up of shelf stock.

We would rather sell them than stock them, hence the cut-price parcels listed below.

These parcels, all of our usual quality, cannot be ordered through the main pricing system - please phone us on 01460 30323 to order them, or use email or fax. Not to worry if your parcel has gone -- another will be along in a short while.

BAGS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THESE PARCELS. The listed postage applies within the UK only; postage outside the UK will be more. The listed postage is also only applicable when purchasing a single pack; please ask that we reprice the postage if you wish to purchase multiple packs.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order 3 or more packs and your postage is FREE.

PACK No.QuantitySizeNotesPricePlus postage
218406" x 8"Pale ivory£13.00£3.50
2202020 x 25 cmPale ivory£9.00£3.50
221208" x 10" (larger aperture)Mixed colours£9.00£3.50
24610300 x 400mmMaize£10.00£3.50
252405" x 7"Antique white£12.00£3.50
253206" x 8"White, black core£ 7.00£3.00
255258" x 8"Tint 3£10.00£3.50
256207" x 9"Sea Spray£ 8.00£3.00
258207" x 9"Antique white£ 8.00£3.00
2592020 x 25cmAntique ivory£ 9.00£3.50
2602020 x 25cmAntique white£ 9.00£3.50
2621411" x 14" (A4 aperture)Antique ivory£13.00£3.50
268208" x 10" (6 x 8 aperture)Tint 3£ 9.00£3.50
2692010" x 10"Pale ivory£13.00£4.00
2702010" x 10"Pale ivory£13.00£4.00
2712010" x 12" (larger aperture)Ice white£14.40£4.00
2722010" x 12" (larger aperture)Ice white£14.40£4.00
2732010" x 12" (larger aperture)Black£14.40£4.00
2742010" x 12" (larger aperture)Black£14.40£4.00
2752010" x 12" (larger aperture)Antique white£14.40£4.00
2761411" x 14" (larger aperture)Black£14.00£4.00
2771411" x 14" (larger aperture)Ice white£14.00£4.00
2781411" x 14" (larger aperture)Tint 3£14.00£4.00
2791411" x 14" (larger aperture)Pale ivory£14.00£4.00
2801411" x 14" (larger aperture)Pale ivory£14.00£4.00
281306" x 6"Antique white£9.00£4.00
282306" x 6"Black£9.00£4.00
283306" x 6"Ice white£9.00£4.00

Please note that we are deregistered for VAT: the price you see is the price you pay.

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