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40% OFF - 40% OFF - 40% OFF

Dear Customers,

My machinery has now gone so I can no longer cut specifics for you, but stock has accumulated as smaller sizes cut from the larger sizes, as we went along. Not every colour will be there, but ask by email or telephone and I will search them out for you:

SIZE:  5" x 7"/6" x 6"WAS 45p eachNOW 27p
6" x 8"WAS 55p eachNOW 33p
8" x 8"/7" x 9"WAS 65p eachNOW 39p
8" x 10"/200mm x 250mmWAS 77p eachNOW 46p
10" x 10"WAS 92p eachNOW 55p
A4WAS £1.01 eachNOW 61p  Not many left
10" x 12"WAS £1.08 eachNOW 65p
11" x 14"WAS £1.41 eachNOW 85p
12" x 16"/300mm x 400mmWAS £1.72 eachNOW £1.03  Few left

Minimum order of any one size is 10. For those of you who require a particular size but are not fussy about colour, or who are willing to allow us to make up any shortfall in your preferred colour availability with colours of our choice in the same size, we will allow a further 10% off the discounted prices above.

Postage is extra and can be calculated on the site.

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