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Scrapbook Pages

These mounts are 300mm square, cut to fit a standard scrapbook sleeve (sleeve not included). They are produced from our standard Daler-Rowney mount board.

We provide a choice of five different layouts, shown below; we are happy for you to order several of the same layout or a mixture to suit your needs, subject to a minimum order of five pages in total (to avoid them being damaged in transit).

The mount colour is Antique White (see our colours page).

Price is £2.20 per page including postage within the UK. (If you order scrapbook pages as part of a larger order, you will only be charged postage on the remainder of the order, not on the scrapbook pages.)

All measurements quoted are approximate.

Layout A - Four Equal Squares
Four squares, each approximately 95mm.
Layout B - Four Unequal Squares
Four squares: larger squares approximately 100mm, smaller squares approximately 75mm
Layout C - Rectangles
Four rectangles: largest approximately 200mm x 150mm, three smaller approximately 60mm x 38mm
Layout D - Rectangles and Circles
Larger rectangle approximately 140mm x 98mm, smaller rectangle approximately 140mm x 72mm, 3 circles each of approximately 50mm diameter
Layout E - Pillows and Hearts
6 pillows, approximately 45mm wide at narrowest point; 3 hearts, approximately 58mm wide at widest point

Please note that we are deregistered for VAT: the price you see is the price you pay.

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