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Standard Colours

We have now ceased production of specific cuts of mounts, but have some remaining stock in smaller sizes -- and at very keen prices -- as you can see on our home page. Below you will find the colours which were previously standard in our range and which it is therefore possible that we might still have stock of in our smaller sizes. If you have a specific colour requirement, please do get in touch, although do note that we will not have stock of all colours in all sizes. We apologize in advance if we have to disappoint you.

[Ice White]
Ice White
[Antique White]
Antique White
[Tint 3]
Tint 3
[Pale Ivory]
Pale Ivory
[Textured Antique Ivory]
Textured Antique Ivory
[Delft Blue]
Delft Blue
[Twilight Blue]
Twilight Blue
[Soft Green]
Soft Green
[Russian Green]
Russian Green
[Pillar Box Red]
Pillar Box Red
[Poster Black]
Poster Black
[Metallic Silver]
Metallic Silver
[Metallic Gold]
Metallic Gold

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