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Standard Colours

These are the standard colours in our range; all are drawn from the Daler-Rowney White Core range of mount board, so that the bevel-cut edges will not discolour.

We have selected a range of twenty standard colours. In our experience, these colours provide a wide choice, and combine well for double mounts. The ivories, and other pale shades, always work well, especially when your artwork is being mounted for resale.

Because it is impossible to provide exact colour reproduction on all computer screens, we suggest that you order one of our sample packs if exact colour matching is critical, as they contain sample board swatches of each of the colours below.

If you have a local art shop, why not check out the colours there on the Daler-Rowney display? It will also impress you how keen our prices are.

[Ice White]
Ice White
[Antique White]
Antique White
[Tint 3]
Tint 3
[Pale Ivory]
Pale Ivory
[Textured Antique Ivory]
Textured Antique Ivory
[Delft Blue]
Delft Blue
[Twilight Blue]
Twilight Blue
[Soft Green]
Soft Green
[Russian Green]
Russian Green
[Pillar Box Red]
Pillar Box Red
[Poster Black]
Poster Black
[Metallic Silver]
Metallic Silver
[Metallic Gold]
Metallic Gold

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