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How To Fix Your Work To A Mount

What should I use to fix my work to my mount?
Common or garden masking tape does the job well. Sellotape and parcel tape will dry out and come adrift.

Step 1 - attach the tape to your work
Tear off a strip of tape about the width of your work. Lay the tape flat on a table, sticky side up, and present the back of the work to the tape. Leave about half of the width of the tape protruding above the top of the work.

Step 2 - attach the mount
Present the mount to the remaining tape. Try to align the bottom inner edge of the mount to any straight lines in the picture.

Step 3 - finishing off
Lift the mount and the work from the table and run a finger along the back of the tape from one side to the other. Do not run your finger from each side to the centre, as the tape (and thus your work within the mount) will bulge. Similarly, do not tape all round your work, as any expansion will then have nowhere to go and you will run the risk of bulging.

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